Ornamental shrubs are an important part of every homeowner’s landscape, so why not pick one with year round flowers.  

Thryallis is a medium sized evergreen shrub which throws nonstop bright yellow flowers throughout the seasons in south Florida.  The shrub grows unattended to 9 feet tall in an open, oval shape while maintaining a dense nature.  If used as an ornamental landscape shrub, this beauty is low maintenance, but may require occasional pruning. 

Thryallis is becoming popularly used in mass plantings for hedges because of its year-round color and drought tolerance.  For hedges, try alternating with good hedge species, such as firebush, Florida privet, jasmine, Natal plum, or sea grape to provide contrasting color and textures. 

Scientific Name:  Galphimia glauca  

Common Names:  Thryallis, Rain of gold 

Family:   Malpighiaceae.

Plant Type:  Evergreen shrub with compact, oval shape reaching 6-9 ft tall

 Origin: Central America.  No invasive potential. 

USDA Hardiness Zones:  9B through 11, includes all of South Florida. 

Uses:  Specimen; screen; border; hedge; enviroscaping. 

Flower:  Year-round showy yellow flowers. 

Pest and Disease Resistance:  Good.  No known pests or diseases of major concern. 

Propagation:  Seed; softwood cuttings in summer. 

Availability:  Somewhat available. 

Right Plant-Right Place:  Full sun; plant spacing 4-6 ft (3-5 ft apart in shrub border or hedge); height 5-9 ft; moderately drought tolerant; poor salt tolerance 

Thryallis Fact Sheet: