St Lucie County 4-H...More Than You Imagined! 


St Lucie County 4-H is an important part of our community.  It is true that on a club level our 4-H’ers are doing amazing community outreach, and learning life skills that will have a positive effect on their future.  The 400 4-H youth in livestock, small animal, STEM, photography, environmental and horticulture clubs, is the part that most people identify with 4-H. However, St Lucie County 4-H is so much more!

Did you know that St Lucie County 4-H reaches over 10,000 youth a year with 4-H School Enrichment programs?  These programs are designed to make the science curriculum come to life in grades K-8.  Through 4-H programs students become engaged with topics that are relevant to our community.  Hands on learning is a valuable tool that 4-H uses to take learning to the next level.

The 4-H Farm takes K-2 students on a special field trip that feels like more of an adventure!  Students learn where their food comes from, past and present jobs of farm animals, healthy eating, and concepts of the water cycle.  Donkeys, horses, goats, sheep, ducks, chickens, pig and turkeys are among the animals that will welcome the students to the farm and 2 vegetable gardens aid in student understanding on this fun hands-on learning experience.

The Indian River Lagoon (IRL) is vital to our community in so many ways.  The 4-H Lagoon programs begin with teaching 3rd grade students what type of marine life actually lives in the lagoon and why the IRL is important to the health of the ocean.  Students in 4th grade explore some of the species of sharks in the Indian River Lagoon.  5th grade students get wet seining in the IRL to discover the wide variety of marine species that live in the seagrass.  They also tour the SLC Aquarium to get up close to the Lagoon habitats.  As you can imagine this field trip is very exciting!

By the time students that have gone through the 4-H IRL program they have a comprehensive understanding of the IRL.  At the middle school level students delve into the specific practices of good stewardship.  Youth learn how to minimize human impact on the Lagoon by creating new oyster reefs and identifying and controlling invasive plants and animals. 

All 4-H Indian River Lagoon programs emphasize key practices that each family can adopt to lessen the negative impact humans have on the Lagoon.

If you are interested in any of the SLC programs please contact SLC 4-H 772.462.1660





Sue Munyan

4-H/Agriculture Extension Agent

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