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As Master Naturalists, our mission is to act as stewards for our environment, protecting what is critical to the survival of all species including our own. Our mission is to propagate this awareness through the use of research-based information and through teaching events, nature walks, and community activities. Master Naturalists will also engage with others who are striving to protect and nurture our natural resources.


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Participants in formal Florida Master Naturalist modules will receive an overview of the plants and animals that depend upon natural systems including an examination of the role of humankind as stewards of the land. The objectives of the Florida Master Naturalist Program are to prepare participants to share their knowledge with others, to act in a positive manner, to help others feel a greater connection to the land and to help others to develop their own personal land ethic.  Through classroom, field trip, and practical experience, this 3-module program (40 hrs per module) provides instruction on the general ecology, habitats, vegetation types, wildlife, and conservation issues of coastal, wetland and upland areas in Florida.  The program also addresses society's role in natural areas, develops naturalist interpretation skills, and discusses environmental ethics.

For additional information, contact Ken Gioeli, (772) 462-1660 or ktgioeli@ufl.edu.

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